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Tapi baru bisa diambil kira2 minggu depan (sekitar-7 Jul), karena harus harus ditanda tangani oleh Dekan.

Transkrip bisa diambil di Fakultas Taman Kencana atau Gunung Gede, dengan membawa surat bebas asrama.

Batas akhir pengambilan transkrip tidak ditentukan, tetapi disarankan agar teman2 sudah memperoleh transkrip sebelum sebelum pengisian KRS.

Menurut pihak jurusan, pengambilan KRS akan dilaksanakan sekitar tanggal 18 Agustus 2003, namun mengenai kepastiannya akan dikonfirmasikan lebih lanjut.

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[email protected] training procedure ======================================================INFY FRESHERS'TRAINING ====================================================== CS/IT engineers to Short Cycle batch (1.5 -2months)All other branch engineers to Long Cycle batch (3.5 - 4months) Training consists of 3 streams :1. Induction Programme (2days) ----------------------------Welcoming Presentations by Every deparments. For moredetails on the assessment of individual modules, please referto the associated document “Table of Assessment”In addition to the module level evaluations, there will becomprehensive examinations.

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utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email Manager Pharmacist Jobs In Karachi///////////////////////////////////////////Northwest General Hospital & Research Center Peshawar Jobs Posted: AM PDT MLye4y EYZE/?Muhammad Siddique is still waiting for you to join Twitter…Accept invitation You can stop getting these emails with people you may know (PYMK) suggestions at anytime.akan diterima dengan sangat senang hati dan riang gembira. Pengambilan transkrip dilayani sebelum pengambilan KRS. (kalo bisa, seminggu sebelum pengisisan KRS) pengambilan KRS : 19 Agustus 2003, pengembalian : 20-22 Agustus 2003 Pengulangan Mata Kuliah Bagi temen2 yang mengambil ulang mata kuliah semester 1 dan 2, jangan lupa untuk mendaftarkan diri di TPB (Darmaga), tanggal 2-30 Juli 2003.Persyaratan yang harus dibawa hanya fotocopy transkip nilai.Yahoo has built up the technical support group uncommonly to help the Yahoo as are with the goal that they can utilization Email account beat out any disturbances.