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In the days before the i Phone, MP3 players were a must-have item.
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Are you someone that wants to learn how to crochet? DGY has some sweet basic crochet and knit patterns for beginners so be sure to see what we have for inspiration! (And remember, I tend to save the best ideas for last in this blog! I highly recommended this once you get the basics down because the repetition helped me to be a better crocheter.

Well, once I got beyond the chain stitch (ch) and learn the single and double crochet (sc and dc), I began making crochet granny squares.

I mean with all the open areas that granny squares create, there is a whole lot more to consider.

Yes, there is the crochet piece and then what will you do with the square using other fibers?

While the band leader sets up his microphone, one of the bar’s patrons, pointing, asks him a question—is she really part of the band? Not only does Granny play in the band, but she’s the group’s namesake. “You’ve got to get back into your music.”After his death, Alice’s daughter encouraged her to take piano classes again at the University of Maryland.

If her appearance is unexpected, then her story is even more so. She loved making music, but as she got older, life got in the way.

“Keeping in shape is more important to me than getting old. I have no intention of feeling 70 while I don’t have to.

“I now compete in the 50.5 weight category and have done for the last 4 or 5 years.” In 1983 Pat was first diagnosed with cancer of the brain.

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Eventually, defying expectations, the two started dating.“The best thing that happened to me in my life, meeting her,” Richard said about Alice.

The two go hand in hand so be sure to start your official granny square project with the right combination. Seems like a simple way to give back to soldiers, ill children, or cancer patients! So here is an example of a crochet granny square with other fiber threading through it.

Can you imagine creating squares and adding some sari silk ribbon? This kinda' opened things right up for me with the potential for re-creating the concept of granny squares!

Doctors said the disease would kill - but that she could extend her life with the help of drugs.

Unable to accept this bleak prognosis, she decided against treatment and set about making healthier life choices – self-treating through a drastic change in nutrition and exercise.