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We have all manner of sex-starved girls here, ready and waiting to wear their fingers out by texting you.
This gives this movie quite a strange feel, theatrical at points, but it is quite effective. It all starts out fairly innocent but slowly we get drawn into his real intentions.

Smart dating system

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Based on the success and experience of our fully automated lexsyg research TL OSL reader system, the lexsyg smart offers all routine functions necessary for fast and standard measurements.This system can be used for standard TL and OSL measurements in Geo-/Archaeochronometry, mineralogical research, solid state and retrospective dosimetry, radiation control and material sciences.The report, ‘Future of Dating: Smart Dating’, explores the impact smart technology could have on people’s love lives in the coming decades.It predicts that by 2036, home devices – including toasters, wardrobes and a range of wearable technology, could transform the way individuals meet potential romantic partners.

So with little in the way of a traditional foundation to build a relationship -- you know, like a shared community or belief system -- people have nothing more than a few profile pics and (hopefully) quippy bio to go on. After toying around with it, the app does provide a new way of looking at your relationships and forces you to answer questions you may not have dared to ask yourself, questions that might prompt you to seek therapy.

"The modern dating world has changed with the popularity of dating apps," says Dr. Lewandowski Jr., a professor and department chair of psychology at Monmouth University and co-founder of Stay Go.

"As a result, now more than ever, people are dating blind.

Is it possible we really can't tell on our own if our relationships suck?

If you find yourself thinking that dating just isn’t what it used to be, you’re right.