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Qprogressdialog not updating

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[[email protected] ~]$ mscore init Score Fonts 0x2ae1340 init Help from: cannot setup data for help engine: Cannot open collection file: /usr/share/mscore-2.0/manual/doc_Alsa Driver: recover: stat = 00, xrun of at least 1438041358425.227 ms [[email protected] ~]$ mscore -F init Score Fonts 0x234e2a0 Pulse Audio Context Connect Failed with Error: Connection refused init Pulse Audio failed no audio driver found init Help from: cannot setup data for help engine: Cannot open collection file: /usr/share/mscore-2.0/manual/doc_Cannot start I/O sequencer init failed that removed that loading, however I've also lost my sound output.

Reverting settings back to ALSA, closing and restarting again, and now I'm back to seeing that "Loading..." popup.

It can also give the user an opportunity to abort the operation.

Use set Minimum() and set Maximum() or the constructor to set the number of "steps" in the operation and call set Value() as the operation progresses. It can be the number of files copied, the number of bytes received, the number of iterations through the main loop of your algorithm, or some other suitable unit.

A common problem with progress dialogs is that it is difficult to know when to use them; operations take different amounts of time on different hardware.

QProgress Dialog offers a solution to this problem: it estimates the time the operation will take (based on time for steps), and only shows itself if that estimate is beyond minimum Duration() (4 seconds by default).

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You can call as per @Maddin Trible D recomendation, but it's a little tricky because my data is on an non-concurrent tree.We'll start with Qt Gui Application using QDialog as a launching pad for the two types of QProgress Dialogs: Modal and Modeless.The QProgress Dialog class provides feedback on the progress of a slow operation.Using release 2.0.2 on linux (arch/manjaro) Launching the app opens a little window with 'Loading' with field for a progress bar that stays empty. I can't think of any such window in Muse Score, and wonder if or is something else. Is there an official package for 2.0.2 yet for you distro?The programm launches and runs normally, but that window never changes or closes. Hmm, appears maybe that is for the Zerberus window. What happens if you go to View / Synthesizer then click Zerberus (warning: I'm guessing it might crash, or hang)?Might be a problem with a mismatch of Qt libraries or something, just guessing. If you have no Zerberus tab, in the View / Synthesizer window, then I think we've definitely found the culprit.