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It is Pip’s convict, the same man who terrorized him in the cemetery and on the marsh when he was a little boy.
Dedicated to the over-50 crowd, Our is a dating service for seniors who are single and ready to mingle.

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Sexual orientation is not strictly about polarities, but rather exists on a continuum.

Heterosexual people are at zero on the scale, gay and Lesbian people are at six at the other end of the scale, and everyone in between, from one to five, is bisexual.

'One of the women I work with said, “I don’t think you’ve met the right man yet.” I said: “Trish, I’m 63.

If I haven’t met him by now I don’t think I’m going to.”’ Jean vividly recalls her moment of asexual awakening, eight years ago.

However, it's totally okay to be pink, or dark purple, or violet or indigo! If you are attracted to both sexes, you are bisexual.

Some people only like red, some people only like blue, others are the shade of purple right in between.