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For the book, see Koreans in Japan: Critical Voices from the Margin comprise ethnic Koreans who have permanent residency status in Japan, or who have become Japanese citizens, and whose immigration to Japan originated before 1945, or who are descendents of those immigrants.

They are a distinct group compared to South Korean nationals who have travelled to Japan for the sole purpose of employment or study.

They currently constitute the second largest ethnic minority group in Japan., who are the permanent ethnic Korean residents of Japan.

The term "Zainichi Korean" refers only to long-term Korean residents of Japan who trace their roots to Korea under Japanese rule, distinguishing them from the later wave of Korean migrants who came mostly in the 1980s, Nevertheless, the term "Zainichi Korean" is used to describe settled permanent residents of Japan, both those who have retained either their Joseon or South Korean/North Korean nationalities, and even sometimes, but not always, includes Japanese citizens of Korean descent who acquired Japanese nationality by naturalization or by birth from one or both parents who have Japanese citizenship.