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Intimidating words that start with p

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They have the advantage that they are light on memory (they don’t need to keep any history other than the previous state), and they are very fast, making them well suited for real time problems and embedded systems.The math for implementing the Kalman filter appears pretty scary and opaque in most places you find on Google.I have to tell you about the Kalman filter, because what it does is pretty damn amazing.Surprisingly few software engineers and scientists seem to know about it, and that makes me sad because it is such a general and powerful tool for combining information in the presence of uncertainty. In a republic, those who exercise a supreme authority tempered by fraudulent elections.The rabble is like the sacred Simurgh, of Arabian fable — omnipotent on condition that it do nothing.Pickaxe: a heavy iron tool with a wooden handle and a curved head that is pointed on both ends.– Miners use pickaxes to remove mine ores.

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Pertaining to a certain order of architecture, otherwise known as the Normal American.

The scary rabbit is an impetuous, tyrannous and jealous lover.

It is scary and most spooky at night, but by day it is so old, so massive, so grand.

Peeve: an annoyed or irritated mood.– The sound of the police sirens makes me feel peeve.

Pique: a sudden outburst of anger.– I can’t explain the pique he makes me feel with his disdained.